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KURASHI MORE planning and development for a more affluent tomorrow
This brand has been named "KURASHI MORE " (KURASHI means "life" in Japanese) as a symbol of our desire to bring more to people's everyday lives. The design is based on the initial letter "N" of "Nichiryu," and projects a feeling of movement toward a better life.

URL : http://www.kurashi-more.com/

Five Key Concepts for Better Living
We bring our customers carefully selected, excellent products from around the world.
We spare no effort to provide our customers with the information they need.
We constantly improve our stores to communicate more effectively with customers.
We never stop working to create a steady stream of exciting and innovative products.
We constantly strive for better service with closer attention to what customers want.
A range of attractive products born of the desire to give
A corporate brand backed by the collective strength of the Nichiryu Group Products tuned to contemporary needs and tastes
KURASHI MORE is not just a private brand, but products that embody the customer-oriented spirit of our member companies. Each “Kurashi More” product was developed through careful study by a subcommittee focusing on clothing, food, or the home, with only the very best finally selected. The combined power of the group is the driving force that allows us to provide strong support to consumers. KURASHI MORE products satisfy modern con-sumers’ demands for higher quality. From selection of materials through manufacturing and processing, the utmost attention is paid to quality. Working with leading manufacturers, we develop products that meet the needs of a diverse range of consumers. Furthermore, the reliable products developed through this system are passed on to consumers at affordable prices.
Environmentally responsible product development Close communication with consumers
The KURASHI MORE Environmental Series covers products for everyday use designed to be gentle to the environment. These products range from recycled products, such as those made from recycled paper and fibers, to products, containers, and packages crafted from materials carefully selected for their low environmental impact. To heighten consumer awareness of our KURASHI MORE products, we pay careful attention to the retail goods in the group’s stores. Standardized package design promotes brand recognition, and product information is always given in a clear and attractive manner. In addition, we offer toll-free customer assistance, giving us vital feedback to develop consumer-focused merchandise.

FoodsTo give our customers the very best in taste and food safety,we select our food items with an exacting eye for nutrition, hygiene and flavor.

HomeEcology, function, and ease of use. Our household products offer all of these features, making life more convenient and fun.

ClothingClothes that wear well, wash well, last and look great. The Nichiryu Group aims to offer clothes that customers will want to wear every day.