Shaping the future of retail service


The Future

Nihon Ryutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd., (Nichiryu) is a retail distribution organization established in 1974 by seven prominent retail chains in various regions of Japan. With member companies from Hokkaido to Okinawa, Nichiryu supplies consumers nationwide with excellent products at low prices. The Nichiryu Group is steadily developing its joint procurement mechanism and maximizing the benefits of that framework, through the development of original brands “くらしモア” and the development and import of overseas products. By providing excellent products at low prices from the best sources in the world, the Nichiryu Group generates a steady stream of new lifestyle-related ideas and constantly increases the scale of its operations.

Principal Operations of the Nichiryu Group

Original Brand Apparel

Nichiryu Group’s private original brand
(Project for a sustainable future)

Original Brand Apparel

Nichiryu Group’s original brand of comfortable underwear “COOLLY SEASON” in summer, “HEAT WILL” in winter.

The other Original Brand

“ピュアモーニング”(Pure Morning)
for plain bread. “My Home Cafe” for sweets.
“FESTIVO LAMBRUSCO”for ported wine.

  • Development of original branded goods both from Japan and overseas.
  • Group purchasing of merchandise, fixtures and equipment. 
  • Exchange of information and cooperation regarding production and marketing.
  • Exchange of management strategies and business expertise among member companies.
  • Streamlining of member companies’ distribution systems.
  • Training and education of member companies’ staff.